7 Habits of successful people

What really are the 7 habits of successful people, I hear you ask. There must be something that successful people do that others don’t.

In truth, they are many and varied, and you’ll find many references on the internet to the Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when discussing habits, because this book is truly awesome and worth the read.

But here I want to give you the alternative to the book, and call it "7 habits of successful people".

The 7 habits of successful people

1.  Successful people ask the right questions. They ask better questions and they get better answers. You constantly ask yourself questions without realising – it’s just a natural habit. But you need to make sure you ask the right sort of questions in order to become a success.

Questions focus your thinking. So make sure you get into the first of these 7 habits of successful people. Bad habits are easy to fall into, so learn to ask questions about the habits you have.

2. Successful people are ambitious. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be ambitious just in your job, it can mean you just want to be the best you can be at whatever you do in life, be it work or family or recreation.

Successful people focus on what they want, they have set goals, know where they are going and aim high. Why can’t that be you? Well, it can. Don’t be mediocre, you are better than that.

Believe in yourself and change will happen.

3. Successful people get The Now Habit. The strong habit management that they have established over time means they get on with things, they don’t wait for life to give them what they think they deserve. They don’t leave things to chance or luck. They make their own life. Take note of this as we are all very good at procrastination (no 4.)

4. One of the 7 habits of successful people is that they DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. This is an absolute killer and needs to be eradicated immediately. As I said above, they don’t wait for people or events to come to them, they go and get, they are go getters. They make things happen, they move life along. If you truly want a successful and fulfilled life, you must take control of your own life. Get The Now Habit.

5. Successful people are positive people They understand that one great habit that needs to be acquired is the habit of positive thinking. The power of positive thinking gets them through the challenges that occur.

You will meet challenges along the way, that’s a natural part of growing into being a success. Accept challenges, and learn to be positive, rather than have negative thinking holding you back.

6. Be consistent. This is hugely important. It’s not good habit management to decide that you “might” do something, or “maybe” you’ll look into something. People around you need to know that you will consistently deliver what you say you will. One of the 7 habits of successful people is to be consisitent.

7. Finally, the last of the 7 habits is that successful people are not limited by fear. This is one of the major obstacles that many people fail to succeed. It’s called “The Fear Factor”. They don’t want to take risks in case they fail. Successful people don’t let fear get in the way. They are focused on what they want and have clear set goals. Having goals means fear does not stop them achieving. They feel the fear and do it anyway.

Time to now take these habits and take control of your own life.

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