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May issue newsletter - How to overcome low self esteem in 4 easy steps
May 02, 2012

OK, we are all human and I am now sending out to you the correct newsletter, so please ignore the previous one I sent!

(I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I personally put this newsletter together in all its true form, so if you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me).

In this issue I'm covering the topic of self improvement as an umbrella for a variety of subjects that all link into each other, and this month I focus on how to increase your self esteem.

  • Quotes of the month to keep you motivated
  • Article: The real secret to personal growth development
  • Book review of the month
  • Article: How to overcome low self esteem in 4 easy steps
  • Interesting story of the month
  • YouTube video of the month


"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which will grow - perhaps they all will" - Ecclesiastes

"You can't build your reputation on what you're going to do" - Henry Ford

"Every man who is high up loves to think he has done it all himself; and his wife smiles, and lets it go at that" James Barrie


The real secret to personal growth development

What really stops you from taking self improvement seriously, or for embarking on the road to success for a better life? Have you worked out what's holding you back in life, or is it just a matter of finding out not knowing where to start? Find out more about the real secret to personal growth development here.


Overcoming low self esteem by Melanie Farrell

What does it take to overcome low self esteem.

This book is really easy to read and has some fantastic examples of people with low self esteem, (and there will definitely be one example that you can relate to). It’s well thought out and takes the time to illustrate the need to find out exactly how you feel in certain situations and then draws out of you why you feel like this. It also contains some self esteem worksheets enabling the user to document exact feelings at the correct moments.

Overcoming low self esteem is written for those who know or feel they have low self esteem and are wanting to know how to improve. A great book to read and have in your self improvement library. The list price of this book is $14.95/£10.99. Discounted from Amazon, click here.



Do you really understand the meaning of self esteem? Does it affect your life or others around you?

I constantly get asked questions about how to increase self esteem, and it seems that the underlying message comes from a growing awareness that confidence and self esteem play a big role in today’s society, whether it be at work, play or even in the family set up.

Here I give 4# top tips for increasing self esteem.


How much self esteem do you have, and are you happy? A Dove Body Census which was conducted this year shows that only 1 in 10 women say to themselves “I am attractive”. What are the other 9 saying?

This is cause for concern, because although you don’t want to obviously go around shouting on the roof tops that you think you are attractive, you also shouldn’t be taking it to the other extreme and ignoring how you feel and look.

One such case is British model Samantha Brick. The article accepts that she might have overstepped the mark in relation to her remarks about her friends, but at the same time, she shows us how we could also view ourselves if we only have the courage to raise our self esteem.


Success doesn’t happen overnight – so take 2 mins to listen to some relaxing music and read a quote such as “Never bend your head, always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face –Helen Keller. Self esteem short video here.

In next month’s issue, discover how to find the motivation to set and keep goals.

All the best,


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