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About 47 years ago a young girl was born into the world. She was fortunate in that she had a good upbringing, was sent away to a boarding school, excelled at sport and became Head Girl.

However, school never gave her any direction as it didn't produce the most intelligent students! She became a successful PA, got married and had 3 children.

This was all fine, until she realised that she had more to give, that she had more motivation in her than was being used, and that she was capable to doing something with her life (as well as looking after the children and husband). Not a superwoman, but just someone who wanted to do more.

Having been involved with a Multi Level Marketing business for nearly 15 years, she became extremely interested in self improvement and personal self development. She decided to follow her passion for self improvement and has created this site with the purpose of helping those who are seeking more on the subject.

She didn't want to create a site that was too indepth and too difficult to understand, nor did she want to create a site that had too little information on it and one that was bland. She wanted to create a site that was vibrant, easy to understand and a site that had information that could be used.

This lady is serious about helping others achieve their dreams - dreams which may have beeen forgotten, or dreams which others feel they are not capable of or worthy of achieving.

Your Self Improvement Guidebook is a place to learn more about how to build self confidence in easy steps, how to achieve goals, how to change your attitude and so on.

Everything written on this site has been achieved by her, and she knows that everything written about on here is possible.

Enjoy! Achieve! Succeed!

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