Belief perseverance
Time to change your core beliefs

I am sure you have experienced belief perseverance more than once in your life-time.

Let me give you an example - have you been in a situation where you strongly believe something, but you know you shouldn’t, or you know that the belief isn’t correct, and you stubbornly stand strong and tell people your belief, knowing that the facts you have are incorrect. Even when someone gives you information that contradicts your belief, you still refuse to budge for fear of looking rather stupid and having to back down.

Smoking is a good example of this. Many studies have been carried out which show that smoking increases the likelihood of getting cancer. However, most people who smoke choose to have a belief perseverance that says "I don't really believe that you get cancer from smoking, whatever the scientists prove" - and the reason for this strongly held belief is simply that they want to continue to smoke.

Belief perseverance in relation to success

It’s very important, on the road to your self improvement, to have a belief in your abilities. This means you need to take a look at the core beliefs you have and see if you are holding on to any of them just because that’s what you were led to believe at some stage in your life. You must stop the feeling of worthlessness if you are really keen to improve your confidence.

  • Do you have beliefs that are holding you back from achieving what you want
  • Are you in a rut and can’t see a way out because of what you believe about your current situation
  • Do you need to be overcoming negative beliefs in order to move on to the next stage

Those are all questions relating to belief perseverance that you should be able to answer; beliefs that can be changed by acquiring the necessary self improvement knowledge.

Many successful people have run into huge problems and issues in their businesses, or life, but the difference between successful confident people, and those that feel stuck in a rut, are the way they deal with their beliefs. Do you make a belief permanent, or will you now decide to change that belief perseverance and realise that you can change your core beliefs?

Where do your core beliefs come from?

Successful people rarely see a problem as permanent, where as those who want an excuse not to achieve, will readily admit to themselves that they have a problem which can’t be changed. Anthony Robbins is a prime example of falling as low as you can, and then having the belief to become someone great.

He has written many many great books, but my favourite by far is Awaken the Giant Within. It is so jammed packed full of fantastic information to lift your spirits, to realise that you can believe in yourself, and to actually make you take some positive action to change your thought processes.

Why not take some time out of your busy life and read some wise words by someone who has actually walked the walk.

Think about this in relation to your life. Have you made excuses so that you don’t have to succeed in some area of your life? Think back to school days and exams. Was there a subject that you were told you weren’t very good at which you then believed, and continued to use that excuse not to achieve, whereas in reality you could have actually succeeded at it if you had believed in it?

By changing your belief perseverances and having core beliefs that you know are right and you are happy with, your self confidence automatically improves. If you believe in yourself, then everything else that connects with self improvement fits into place.

Having the belief in your abilities is crucial to your success and achievement. This doesn’t just have to be work, it could be looking after your family, or your pets, or even gardening - any aspect of your life. Take away that belief perseverance you had, and change it to a belief in your success.

No problem is permanent, and you need to take time to work out the beliefs that are holding you back, and change them. As Anthony Robbins says, “This too, shall pass”. Learn to understand that you can alter past beliefs that may have been holding you back up until now.

Soak up the knowledge that is given to you here. Think about your life and what you want, and take some of Anthony Robbins's fantastic tips about how you can believe in yourself once again.

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