Effective Goal Setting

If you understand how effective goal setting really works, then you can be guaranteed to produce the results you so desire. If , however, you don’t believe goal setting works, then you will ultimately have a long road to travel to reach your dreams and desires.

What is it about goal setting? Why do most people never set goals or attempt to even try and understand the whole goal setting process?

It’s proven time and again that goal setting does work, yet still you fail to believe in the need to set goals to achieve.

Take for example the Olympic athletes. Each and every one of them set goals – long term, medium term and short term, with an end result of ultimately winning a gold medal. Successful business people set goals for themselves and within their companies which keep them on track to achieve their ultimate goal.

If you truly want to achieve the things in life you desire, you will have to learn to put in place the principles of effective goal setting.

Put simply, goal setting is a motivational tool to steer you in the right direction. And at the end of the day, motivation is what is going to keep you going, through good and bad times. Without motivation you are highly unlikely to reach your desire result.

Effective goal setting starts with a dream

Or a desire or need or want, but I’m sure you are already aware of that. You then build the dream into a process whereby you break the long range dream/goal down into manageable and measurable tasks. But, in order for you to complete the goal, - you MUST want it enough.

Without the burning desire to achieve your need or want, distractions in life will get in the way – and that is a fore-gone conclusion. Effective goal setting strategies won't work without that burning desire in your belly, you really need to feel it.

Effective goal setting also starts with the basics

And builds up into specific challenging goals, either for yourself personally, or for your company employers or employees, or even for your family. It is well documented that those people given challenging goals perform much better than those given easy or vague goals.

If you are wanting to zero in at the beginning of goal setting, I suggest you look at goal setting help to put you on the first rung of the ladder.

Goal setting should also involve deadlines

Without deadlines there is absolutely no focus, and focus is key to success.

But you have to be careful when setting deadlines because if you constantly miss them, then you will become disillusioned. So it’s vitally important to sit down and work out a proper timescale for your goals; ones that are achievable at a push.

Having the correct goal setting plan will help enormously when first setting out your goals –a goal setting worksheet will help with this task. It will focus your mind on what you need to be doing to achieve your dream.

Effective goal setting means you need to remain positive

Look at your goals positively and make sure you will enjoy achieving them. If you find everything is stressful and demotivating, you whole mindset will be wrong. You may just need to walk away from your goals for a week or two, maybe even a month, and come back refreshed to start again. There is no shame in re-tracking your goals, but being positive about your outlook and inner self propels you forward to the success you want to achieve, this is all part of an effective and excellent goal setting strategy.

Whatever your goals are, remember that unless you get off your chair and do something about them, you will never get to realize those dreams. Effective goal setting takes work and determination, but with your burning desire in front of you, it will be a goal worth achieving.