Free Goal Setting Advice

By giving you some free goal setting advice I hope I can encourage and nurture you to forge ahead and set some really meaningful goals for yourself.

You’ve heard it before - goal setting works.

And the reason it works is because the specific goal you’ve set for your self will direct your actions much more reliably than a vague “thought” or “wish”. So leave this page at your peril!

What do I mean by “specific goal”? Well, see Goal Setting Advice No 1# below.

Free goal setting advice No 1#

Specific goals means you write down EXACTLY what you want to achieve. Here’s an example: I will have 5 new clients at xxx date. You are being specific as to how many you will have, not just “I will have SOME new clients”. Another example: I will have xxx in 6 months, not just “I will have xxxx soon”.

The reason for setting specific goals such as the above is because the whole goal setting process becomes accountable to you, and anyone else you may have shared your goals with. With specific goals you have no uncertainty. SMART goal setting sets out very clearly the reasons for knowing exactly what it is you want to accomplish (your goal), along with the correct timescales and how you are going to measure your progress.

Free goal setting advice No 2#

Be prepared to change your goal. Now that might sound strange, but more often than not you’ll need to re-align your goals. As you head off on your projected path, obstacles get in the way, and this means you must be willing to alter your course, or even modify your goals. There is no shame in this, just accept that this does happen.

Don’t however, change your goals just for the sake of changing them. But remember goals are set to motivate you, so make sure you always have that underlying motivation and desire to achieve.

Free goal setting advice No 3#

This piece of goal setting advice is VERY OFTEN overlooked. It is vitally important to remember to reward yourself when you’ve reached our goal, however big or small.

Do make the reward fit though. If you only achieved a small goal, don’t go out and buy a car! Effective goal setting means achieving your goals and being rewarded for the work you put it to reach them.

It might be dinner for two, or a trip to the cinema. But make sure it’s something special and a treat, not something that you do in your everyday life. The reason for making it something special is that your subconscious programming knows that what you have done is a success. And success breeds success. Once you’ve succeeded at one thing, you’ll do it again, only better.

The free goal setting advice I’m giving you here is just a very small part of the who self improvement plan aimed at giving a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Goal setting advice No 4#


Yes, I know you’ve heard it before, but can you honestly say to yourself that you’ve put in the action necessary to achieve your goals?

You must have an action plan, as without this your goal setting becomes muddled and disorganised. You need to know what you’re doing day in and day out. A goal setting program of daily action really does help with this. Try it. It will revolutionise your whole outlook on life.

As I said in my goal setting example page, timescale is vital in order to put the action in. Without knowing your short, medium and long terms goals, you haven’t really got any plan at all.

Action plans also help in finding the most efficient ways of going about your goal setting, and accomplishing what you want.

Having an action plan and actually putting in the action will also stop the procrastination. It also stops the worrying and stress associated with so many everyday jobs. If you put in the action, you are at least guaranteed to be working towards your goals.

In summary:

  • Set specific goals
  • Be prepared to change course if necessary
  • Reward yourself
  • Take ACTION

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