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Are you looking for a goal setting article which will make the whole goal setting process so much easier to understand?

Do you find goal setting somewhat confusing and wonder which way to turn?

There are many wonderful goal setting articles on the internet and I have set them out below in, what I hope is a chronological order to goal setting, and hope very much that you can take each one in order and work your way through the myriad of goal setting information and get your goal setting off to a fantastic start.

What is goal setting?

Believe it or not, this is asked by a lot of people, and you might be on of them.  Goal setting is not a process that is taught in schools or colleges (which is where it should begin), but usually presents itself once you enter the work place.  For this reason, it is a hugely misunderstood concept which is often frowned upon.

Why is goal setting important?
An easy to understand article on why you need to set goals and the purpose of goal setting, focus being the main reason for setting goals.

Goal setting in general
Getting an overall picture about goal setting in general, this goal setting article sets out the whole process in a brief but comprehensive way.

Before you even start personal development goal setting
Find out what you need to have straight in your mind before you begin the goal setting process, and what you need to think about before you commit to paper.

Where do I start my goal setting plans?

Have you got what it takes?
An article that really tries to get you to the bottom of finding your burning desire, the pit in the stomach that is going to give you daily motivation to achieve your goals. You even get a chance to ask questions.

A short overview of the goal setting plan needed
This goal setting article gives a brief overview of the top 8 goal setting tasks you need to do when you set goals. Goal setting needs to be taken seriously, so you need to take time out to work out what you really want to achieve, but this article will set you on the right track.

Goal setting starts with a desire
This is the most vital ingredient for goal setting. Without a desire, you will fail.

Are you really serious?

A true story
A tearful absolutely amazing story of a young boy determined to do something.... Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Take a read.

Need someone to push you in the right direction?
Without doubt, this is the one main ingredient of goal setting. If you are really serious about goal setting you should seriously consider the Gary Ryan Blair 100 day challenge. I promise you it changes your whole outlook on life and focuses you on where you want to go, not just with work, but with life in general. It’s brilliant, tried and tested by myself and it changed my whole thought process towards achieving success.

How do I use goal setting for kids/students/families?

Here are some articles that you will find interesting for your kids and families. Or maybe you are a student and looking for student goal setting articles. Look no further.

Why isn’t goal setting taught in schools?
Kids don’t understand the whole goal setting process so they need someone to show them how. Here is a list of 8 points which will help you with your kids goal setting. Put them on the right path to a good future by encouraging them.

Activity sheets for kids
Here you can find some fun and easy to use goal setting chart type cards for kids goal setting.

Student goal setting advice
Working out when to play and when to work can be an issue for students, and it really helps if they can start with the basics and move on from there. Starting with a goal setting plan will help ease student life, and still give you time to play!

Goal setting forms

Goal setting worksheets
Goal setting templates

Goal setting questions

Share your goal setting questions
Everyone has goal setting questions. Why not share yours here and get them answered to help you understand the whole goal setting process.

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