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Why isn't goal setting for kids taught more?

It has always amazed me why goal setting for kids isn't more widely taught in schools. If half the kids in schools knew how to set goals and why they should set goals, I really believe they would have a much brighter outlook on life.

Don't you think they would realise that they could achieve more than they think they can if they knew how to goal set. If you've got kids, you'll know they are very easily persuaded that they "can't" do something. Nothing annoys me more then my children saying they "can't" - only because I know that if they put their mind to it, they really can achieve what they think they can't.

Take a look at this: GO FOR YOUR GOALS – How to Guide Your Kids to Achieve Great Success in Life

This is a perfect example of how they can achieve more with the right knowledge and understanding (in children's terms, not adults).

And if they can learn the techniques now, then they will definitely have a headstart later in life.

How do I teach my kid to set goals?

1. Don't make it a chore from the beginning. Goal setting for kids has to be fun for them and they have to see that it's something they can do out of school, as well as in school. But you don't want them to associate it with "being taught", they have enough of that at school.

2. You make sure you are relaxed, and then give them a bit of paper and ask them to write down everything they want.

Yes, everything. It's exactly the same as the process you use, which you'll find at No 1 of goal setting lesson plan They will come up with all sorts of things, which is great. REALLY ENCOURAGE THEM.

3. Break down the list. This is where you come in and where it is so important with setting goals for kids, as you'll know what is realistic and what is not, and you can help your kids goal set successfully. If they haven't put anything realistic down, then try and encourage them to think of other things. It's very important though that you don't do the thinking for them.

It must be something THEY want to achieve.

4. Now put time limits on them. Again, you'll need to help them. Goal setting for kids means you'll need to encourage and enthuse with them. It's very important that when you are goal setting for kids, as well as setting goals for yourself, that the timescale is easily achiveable and within a time frame where they don't get fed up, or worse, don't reach their goals.

So, kids goals need to be very short term. They can have longer term ones, but they must achieve their short term goals in order for them to understand the process of goal setting.

5. How are you going to achieve them. This, again, will be up to you. Goal setting doesn't come easy, it needs work, but I'm sure that your kids goals are easy enough for you to work out how they can achieve them and in the time frame you/they have set together. It also means you need to spend some time sharing and talking to them about their wishes and dreams.

Teach Your Child the Most Important Secret - Law of Attraction and Goal Setting for Kids

6. Visualise with them. IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO SEE WHAT IT IS THEY WANT TO ACHIEVE. It may mean you have to go and get a catalogue with what they want, or find a picture of a football player, or go and ride on the bike they want. Please use your imagination and really try to help them. Goal setting for kids is fun, make the most of it!

7. Do something everyday that will help them achieve their goal. Remember, this is goal setting for kids, not goal setting for you, make it their goal, not yours, so let them think they are doing the work, not you! Children are very perceptive, they will quickly cotton on that it's something you want if you do all the work for them.

Give your Children the Gift of Learning How to Achieve Goals and Use the Law of Attraction.

8. Reward your kids once they have achieved their goal. Now this may be tricky as it depends what they wanted to achieve. Let's say it was a bike, you found a way that they could achieve it, maybe doing work around the house/paper round that they got paid for, then, assuming that the goal was to make enough money to buy a bike, then they can buy the bike and that's their reward. If the kid's goal was something on the lines of wanting to learn the piano , then as they reach each grade, you reward them with something they really like - and make it special just to them. Don't involve your other children if you have them, this is their goal.
If you need to work out what goals you want to achieve, then learn how to goal set for yourself too.


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