Fun With Goal Setting Games

Goal setting games will help you enjoy the whole goal setting process much more, especially if you find setting goals a bit of a challenge.

Make no mistake though, if you want to achieve a goal, you have to set a goal first.

It's one thing to know a goal, but quite another thing to work towards it" - Bishop Fulton J Sheen

A goal setting activity such as the one below, will help you to realise

  • which way you are heading
  • will focus your mind on where you are right now and what you want.

This isn't a game that needs any props.  Nor is it a physical goal setting game.  It's a mental thoughtful process game which will make you realise where your goal setting process has got to.

In reality, if you haven't yet decided where you want to go in life, which direction you want to take, and how successfu you want to be, then, in all honesty, it doesn't really matter where you end up in life, does it? Now is the time to get serious.

You need to know which direction you want to go. This goal setting game may just help you make that decision.

Have you set goals, or are you immortal?

Before we get into the game, I just want you to think about this next comment for a brief moment -

Did you know that most people live their lives under the illusion that they are immortal, that someday, somehow, something will turn up which will give them a good retirement, and they'll manage to live on "whatever" they have in retirement.

- Is this you? Are you a "somehow" person who has no idea where you are heading. Have you worked out your goal setting technique? - Does the above sentence relate to you?  Do you want to change that? I presume the answer is yes, as that is why you are reading this right now.

"Tell me why I need goal setting games".

Well, here's why -


Please don't let that be you. Let's now begin to play the "Wheel of Fortune".

The Goal Setting Game Part 1

Firstly, I must stress that this is not my idea, it is an original idea from Seeds of Greatness by Dennis Waitley, the author and internationally known authority on personal development. I think this game really does set out goal setting very simply, but it works.

RULES:This is not a game of chance, this is a game of choice. YOU set goals and you'll achieve them. There are 2 parts to this game.

Goal setting and planning is your choice - you spend your life by the choices you make. Now that is quite an important statement - why not just take time to re-read it and think a little about it.  By taking part in this goal setting game, you are at least giving yourself a chance of success.  Success is reached by setting goals and taking a little step towards that goal each day.

To start this goal setting game, you need to do a bit of work first.

Yes, you have a bit of work to do! Any goal setting activity takes some work, so doing these exercises will help in the long run, and this is a build up to the game.

Why not have some fun with this and share it with your friends or colleagues. I bet they all have secret goals that they would love to take part in this with you. Sharing this game makes each and everyone of you accountable to what you want.

Why not ask them if they have something in life that they would really like to achieve? If you get positive replies, then ask them to join in with you. You can do this just in everyday conversation and start the goal setting process off.



Answer yes or no to the following:
1. Do I usually talk and think about my goals in a positive way?
2. Do I know where I'm going in life?
3. Do I complete projects I start?
4. Do I rehearse my goals in my imagination?

All of these will be relevant to the game you will be taking part in later.


Use your imagination to think of some of the enjoyable things you want to achieve by goal setting, for example

  • If I had masses of money I would ___________
  • I would like to visit ____________________
  • If I had time I would ____________________
  • You add more to this list - everyone is different.

Let your imagination flow - you can always bring it back to earth later on, once you have the list.


Finally, in the last warm up exercise before we go on to the goal setting games, I want you to really consider what your major hurdles are, what is holding you back.

Goal setting games need to be played seriously if you really want to achieve what you want out of life. You don't have a second chance at life - so use it wisely.

Road blocks are often stumbling blocks in achieving your goals, which is maybe why you haven't managed to set goals properly before. Take some time with this goal setting activity if you are serious about what you want out of life.

Obstacles to goal setting

Here are a few examples of hurdles you may have encountered:

Not enough money (how often do we hear that!)
Lack of education
Chosen the wrong profession
Limited family support
Negative family upbringing

If you've got this far, then can I say really well done. You are now ready to play the goal setting game that will really focus your mind and help in your goal setting process.


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