Goal Setting Lesson Plan -
Make yours NOW!

Having a goal setting lesson plan will help you set out clearly a worksheet of how and why you need to plan in order to achieve those dreams and desires you thought were unobtainable.

Most people fail to carry through with their goals.

Goal setting plans are vital for you to see your dreams reached. If you have no goal setting lesson plan, you will wander along in the wilderness, and worse, probably complain that "setting goals doesn't work"

Are you one of those people who have been SO excited about something you want to achieve, thinking you know exactly how you are going to achieve it, and then a week, two weeks, maybe a month down the road, you look back and think - "hmm, I so wanted that but never carried it through, oh well, another goal not reached".

If you are, you are not alone. The majority of people never have anything like a goal setting template to guide them, or have never been taught how to set goals.

You don't have to be like that.  I'm giving you, right here, the information you need to move on.

Others lack the drive and desire to make their life better. Some are afraid because they don't think they can achieve what they might set out to do, and learning to face fear is one of the major contributors of success.

These lesson plans will make you think. They will make you think about what you really want, and the timeframe you want to achieve them in, as well as how you feel about achieving these goals.

Goal setting lesson plan No 1#

If you do nothing with the advice I give you, you will, quite honestly, stay where you are in life. Brutal but true. Do you want to reach that goal you so badly want?

Understand this -

"We are what and where we are because we have first imagined it" - Donald Curtis

You need IMAGINATION. Let it run wild when doing this exercise because, as the quote says, you are only where you are today because of what you have let yourself believe. Think carefully about where you are in the aspects of your life/home/financial/family.

Now write down every goal you can think of that you would like to have/achieve within the next 10 year, 5 years, 3 year, etc, down to next week. Don't think about how and whether you can achieve any of them, just write them down.

If you are serious about goal setting for something you want, please take the time to do this.  It will help you in the long term.

Goal setting lesson plan No 2#

To break this down more, I suggest you put your goals into categories, such as personal life, financial, fun. For example - 1 year from now - I will be working for myself. (That's a business goal).

Don't forget though that it is not a sin to alter your goals as you go along. Obstacles and life get in the way, so it's no shame to have to re-adjust at some stage.

This whole process is to actually get you thinking and committing to paper your goals for the future.

Goal setting lesson plan No 3#

To really get you started on achieving your goal setting plans, I want you to look at the ones where you put 1 year against them, and write down exactly how you will feel (note, not "would" feel, but "will" feel) when you have achieved that goal.

You need to be totally clear on why you want to achieve this goal. If you don't have strong feelings, then move to another one. Real desire is key. For example - "I have absolute freedom to now work when I want and time is my own". - Wow - how good does that feel! (having given up a job!).

Goal setting lesson plan No 4#

Write these down where you will be able to see them every morning and every night. I find that writing my main goals on one piece of paper helps as I can easily look at it, then I go through my paragrahs which excite me even more! Why write them down? Because it just focuses the mind on what you want.

Congratulations! - that's the start of your goal setting lesson plan and, believe it or not, you have gone further than most. Most people never commit to paper.

"But what do I do with these?" I hear you ask. I'll cover that in goal setting strategies Take these goal setting lessons and use them. Most people give up on their goals when in fact if they had just persisted a little longer, they would have reached them -DON'T LET THAT PERSON BE YOU.

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