Goal setting made easy

Goal setting made easy is going to give you a methodical approach to finally setting the goals you really want to achieve. No more running around in circles wondering why you’ve set a goal, or why your goal hasn’t been reached, or even why so much emphasis is put on the importance of setting goals.

Read through this page, and take each step one step at a time. Don’t rush, as goal setting needs to be done properly in the first place.

Why does goal setting always seems so difficult?

Goal setting isn’t original, it’s been around for years, and you know, as well as I know, that if you want to accomplish anything in life you need to set goals.

Believe it or not, you will find that you set goals all the time, but without realising it. One small example - you are going away on holiday in 3 days – your goal will be to pack and make sure you have everything.

The only difference between this example and you setting a goal for something bigger, is that you probably didn’t write it down, and you knew you were going to accomplish it anyway! Goal setting made easy doesn't come any easier than that!

Why did you know you were going to accomplish your goal? Because you absolutely had to be packed before you left for the airport, there was no other reason. If you didn’t pack, you wouldn’t be going away.

That type of mentality is the type of mentality you need in order to be able to say to yourself “That is goal setting made easy!”

1. Goal Setting Theory This quickly covers the main aspects of goal setting and which aspects are more important than, say, other parts of goal setting. The main problem, as I see it, is using goal setting effectively.

2. Goal Setting Program Having a goal setting program that you will stick to, and will absolutely be 100% committed to is vital if you really want to achieve your dreams and desires. Being half hearted won’t get you there. You must commit to the goals you have set otherwise you are letting yourself down.

In order for you to have goal setting made easy, you need to set a goal a day, which helps you progress further than you can possibly imagine.

In the 100 day challenge which you will see on the goal setting program page, you have a fantastic reminder every day of what you are going to achieve that particular day.

You must have searched on the internet for information on goal setting, so you must have a reason for wanting to find out more. If you are really serious about reaching some targets you have set, then you must have a goal setting program.

“Goal setting made easy” means taking the logical steps to setting out exactly what you want, and the goal setting program helps with this task.

3. Goal Setting Technique Share some of your questions here. We all have unanswered goal setting questions, but no mentor to ask. Are you afraid of feeling a bit silly? What stops you from setting goals in the first place? Why haven’t you taken the time out to work out exactly what it is you want? Have you taken any goal setting actions yet? If not, what is holding you back? Join the community.

Goal setting made easy is made a whole lot easier by sharing your issues, problems and queries. You may even have the answer to someone elses goal setting challenges.

4. Goal Setting Process Every successful person that you know sets goals. But the process has to start off with you absolutely and categorically knowing what it is you want to achieve. Without that starting point, you will ultimately fail.

Don’t go into the whole goal setting process lightly. Be prepared to take some time out and think seriously about what you want.

5. Goal setting templates This is a good starting point as it will MAKE you put your goals down on paper. It will give you time to reflect on whether you have the right goals, and whether you have the burning desire to achieve them. If you feel you are not really excited by them, then you’ll know you’ve got to change them. Restart and get your belly fired up! Goal setting templates set out your plan of action which you can then drill down to on a......

6. ...... goal setting worksheet Goals setting worksheets really give you the nitty gritty of how you are going to achieve your goals. It sets out your time plan, and from that you can then work out whether this will be achievable or not. And you need to keep both the template and worksheet in front of you at all times. Refer back to it constantly.

“Goal setting made easy” works best if you follow the methodical steps above. Each one takes you through the goal setting process in an easy to understand and thought provoking way.


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