The goal setting process to steer you to life success

Why do people become confused with the whole goal setting process?

If you feel like this and you want to know the goal setting basics, I hope I can explain here the reasons why you need goals, the biggest trap of goal setting, and give you some goal setting help that will focus your mind on goal planning and setting goals.

The first thing to understand in the goal setting process is “Why do I need a goal”. You may be asking yourself “why can’t I just keep going as I’m doing and achieve what I want that way?” – Well, you can, if you want to remain mediocre, but I’ll guarantee you that everyone who has achieved what they want in life has done so by setting goals. Goal setting and life success go hand in hand.

What will the goal setting process do for me?

Every successful person sets a goal. Taking the goal setting technique and using it to your full potential will steer you on the right course towards your success.

Just think of this story and relate it to yourself.

Imagine standing in front of a dartboard, blindfolded, throwing a dart at the board. You can’t see the target so you have no idea whether you are going to hit it or not, it’s just pot luck.

THAT is the same as having no goal.

Do you have a target? A goal? Goal setting plans are vital for your success. Without setting goals, you’ll wander along in life - and this is one of the most common mistakes when goalsetting. Most people don't plan, they plan to fail.

You have more potential than you already use, why not put it to good use by having clearly set, precise and definite goals? The goal setting process is the beginning of you realising what it is you want to achieve, finding your dreams and burning desire and making that work for you. Don’t fall into the trap of Following The Crowd.

Branch out and really take control of your life.

Here is a wonderful little story which perfectly illustrates how some people just do things because others do – in other words they “follow the crowd”.

There is an old man who was sent off to a shop by his wife to get a ham. When he returned home his wife asked him why he didn’t get the butcher to chop of the end of the ham. He asked her why she wanted the end chopped off, to which she replied “my mother always had the end chopped off”, and that was a good enough reason for her to do the same. Still confused about this, he then asked his wife’s mother, who was visiting, why she had the end of the ham chopped off. Her reply was the same as his wife’s. As they now all began to wonder why the end was chopped off, they rang the grandmother who promptly replied “the oven wasn’t big enough to fit it all in”!

I love that story and hope you do to. I also hope it shows you that you mustn’t just do what other do and follow blindly – make a life for yourself and choose to set the goal setting process in motion. Get the goal setting basics right before pushing forward with the actual process of time frames and actions. I can't stress enough the importance of working out WHAT you want, before you actually start the goal setting process, that is key.

4 "goal setting help" tips

You need to ask yourself – have you planned for your next achievement? If the answer is NO, then I think you need some goal setting help. I am assuming that you want to know how to set goals. The actual goal setting process is easy, it’s taking the action that people fail on.

But first, I’d like to just tell you why the majority of people don’t have any goal setting plans, so that you can judge for yourself why maybe you haven’t had any plans. You may see yourself in these points. If you do, it will mean you can now rectify that situation and start to take some action.

If you understand why people don’t set goals, then it should make your goal setting process much easier.

1. Have you planned anything? This is one of the most common mistakes when goal setting. Have you actually sat down and written out what you want? If not, I recommend you visit goal setting lesson plans

2. Have you ever been sold on how important goal setting is? I rather think the answer may be No. I am sure you have probably been “told”, but not sold – as Zig Ziglar says. There is a huge difference, and I’m always saddened by the fact that children aren’t “sold” goal setting at school. I am sure attitudes would be so different if they were.

3. Are you fearful of not achieving your goals? Many people don’t start to set goals because they think they won’t achieve them. Fear of failure is very common, don’t let this be you.

4. Do you have a poor self image? Improving your self image will help you build confidence and will make you realise that you can achieve what you really want out of life.

If you can get over the points mentioned above, then I strongly recommend that you now follow the goal setting steps which are very simple to follow in my goal setting help or have fun by taking part in goal setting games and activities.

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