Goal Setting Strategies -
Start your goal setting process

Have you ever wondered how to put your goal setting strategies into action?

Well, using these 2 simple strategies below will help you discover how you can reach your goals and dreams, rather than just thinking about them.

Don't be one of those people that put off their dreams by just going through life with a "one day I'll do something" attitude. I'm sure the reason you have come to this page is to find out how to turn your dreams into reality anyway, so you probably don't have that attitude, but many do. Bad habits die hard.

You should, by now, have your goals written out and the timescale that you want to achieve them in. If not, go to goal setting lesson plan and carry out the "goal setting made easy" step by step process that I set out for you.  This will focus and prioritise your mind, which in turn will help you achieve more.

The goals you have written out should also totally INSPIRE AND EXCITE you. You should be so excited about the goals you have put down. If not, go back to why goal setting is important, and find out why you need to set goals.

Just think, how will you feel in a years time when you have achieved the goals you have written down. This is the start of your goal setting strategy, so, having done this, you are well on the way to achieving what you want in life.

Goal setting strategies No 1#

Write your goals down. I know it's been said before, but I can't stress the importance of this.

And 95% of poeple don't use a goal setting worksheet with this. It makes sense to get help wherever you can.

The reason you need to write down goals is because it focuses the mind, and also because when challenges face us, which they will, you need to take these cards out, read them (with emotion), visualise what it is, and this will just motivate you to continue on your path to your dreams.

Goal setting strategies involve many aspects of self improvement, from attitude and beliefs to positive self talk and gaining confidence to actually learning how to put into action your dreams and goals.

If you have the attitude where you think "nothing is right, goals don't work, I don't need to be positive, what is there to be positive about in my life," then obviously you will find these goal setting strategies very hard to take in.

Learning more about Self improvement will help change you attitude.

However, I assume that you are open to changing your life right now.

Goal setting strategies No 2#

Now you must make your goal setting plans work, (now that you have them written down, and in groups and years/months). Say them out at least twice a day, morning and night. But not just say them out loud, you need to have real passion and emotion in what you are saying. And each time you do this, you need to create more emotion.

It is so easy to tuck your written goals into a drawer somewhere and forget about them - more often than not life gets in the way, and we all understand that.  For this reason you need to find a time and place to remind yourself daily what your goals are. 

That's why affirmations are universally known to work. Don't underestimate the power of positive self talk.

There's something to be said for the fact that you would also have read this somewhere before - your mind needs to be reminded constantly.

Think about it - you talk to yourself every day, day in day out, most of the time without realising, so why not begin to put positive talk into your mind, not negative talk?

Why do you need use affirmations?

Because this conditions your subconscious mind (which is an extrememly powerful tool). This is turn will give you the belief that you will achieve the goals you have written down, and having a belief in yourself and your goals will give you a step up in the right direction.

It will also help you to take the actions necessary to achieve those goals as well as find solutions that you may need to reach them.

Once you've set your goals, if you then concentrate on just these 2 strategies, I know you'll be well on your way to achieving what it is you really dream of.

If you need further help on goal setting, go to my page on goal setting help which summarises goal setting points in an easy to understand way.


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