A goal setting template helps focus the mind

A goal setting template is the simple answer to a simple question:

How do you improve yourself from where you are now to where you want to be?

  • You need to have in place some form of a goal planner, or template which focuses you on producing the end results you want.

Doing the same thing that you are doing right now, day in, day out, will be unproductive. With goal setting templates in place it is universally recognised that you will be far more likely to succeed.

Much is written on goal setting, smart goal setting, and how to set goals, but in reality you have to ask yourself:

"Have I really taken any long lasting action on setting proper and obtainable goals for myself?"

What is your answer to that question?

  • Have you ever put in place any goal tracking systems to monitor your goal setting?
  • Have you had some form of goal planner in place?

Probably the answer is “No, not really”. Then this is precisely why you need goal setting templates; some proper form of goal setting worksheets which you keep to hand and monitor daily/monthly/yearly.

What will setting a goal achieve for me?

Properly set goals provide direction for the efforts you put in, as well as providing motivation for putting in these efforts, which in turn produce your end results.

Having a goal setting template for what you want to achieve also helps you guard against the times you might be less productive than you should be, whether this is in work or home life.

It's very easy to be unproductive during the day, especially if you have no visible goal setting plan in place.  I refer to the saying "out of sight, out of mind".

  • You need to be able to access your tasks/goals on a regular daily basis to remind you of what it is you are working towards.
  • You need to be able to see your end result in front of you.
  • You need to be able to see the timescales you've set for yourself.

The most important thing is that you need to be able to see these templates EVERY DAY.

Where do you get the templates from?

Without any shame about promoting this product, I'm going to tell you, in all honesty, the best workable template I've come across is a software program called GoalsonTrack. 

The reason it's so good is that it is easily accessible on your laptop, tablet, smartphone - what else do you want?! 

You are obviously looking for a goal setting template, otherwise why would you be here?  However, if you are unsure, and think I'm shamelessly promoting a product for you to buy, why don't you nip on over to my other page on goal setting program and read more into why templates/worksheets and a goal setting plan are so important if you seriously want to succeed with your goal setting.

My site is dedicated to helping you, the reader, gain valuable knowledge on self improvement, and this is one of the very few products I would wholeheartedly recommend to you. 

Goal setting is such a vast topic that so often fails.  That's why I want to try and help all I can.

What is a goal setting template made up of?

In my opinion, a goal setting template is made up of the following:

A) An end result. This is crucial. Without an end result you have nothing to aim at.

B) Why you are wanting to achieve this end result.
What are you wanting to change in life? What success are you wanting?

C) The necessary requirements to meet this end result,i.e. the action, or actions, needed to achieve this goal.

D) Timescales. These should be broken down into short/medium and long term goals. Short term can be daily or monthly depending on your time commitments. Medium could be monthly or half yearly, again depending on the timescale of your goal, and finally long term (the end result). Don’t pass by this task otherwise you won’t succeed.

E) Obstacles. The obstacles that may get in the way – this focuses and concentrates the mind on the end result when things get tough.

F) Visualisation. Get photos to help effectively motivate you.

G) A goal tracker to make sure you’re keeping to your timescale and doing everything necessary to reach your goal.

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