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Goal setting theory.

  • How frustrating do you find this topic?

  • How many times have you tried to set goals and failed?

  • How many times have you questioned yourself about why you're setting goals?

  • How many times have you said to yourself "I need to achieve more, I need to move on, what do I need to do"?

  • How many goal setting books have you read and then taken no action whatsoever?

I imagine you can answer at least 1 or 2 of these questions because, for most people, goal setting appears challenging, impossible and/or something that others do, and not you.

Learning exactly what to do, when and how, is vital to your successful goal setting process.

There is no doubt that goal setting can be challenging, and most people don't stick to the goals they set. What you need is a simple goal setting technique that works best for you. It's important to have the right technique for the goal you want to set, and investing the time in this is well worth it.

To start with, goal setting requires a desire.

Without a desire, the motivation won't follow. It's important to remember that having the right mindset for goal setting is vital if you are serious about learning to set goals properly. Without the strong desire to achieve you really won't get far. So it's worth taking the time to work out exactly what you want from life, so again, invest some time to do this properly - and follow through on this goal setting tip.

Have you set goals and then wondered why you never reached them?

Well, you are not alone, and now is the time to change that. Now is the time to take action, so read on!

Learning about putting the correct goal setting template in place will help focus your mind on what you want to achieve.  No direction equals no end result!  And a template will keep you on track.  

  • Imagine being able to see the goals you've set out right in front of you, on your laptop - with a template you can chop and change until you get your goals set just as you want.  Well you can with the perfect goal setting progam.

"Decide what it is you want, define it clearly and specifically, and write it down" - Skip Ross

This, in a nutshell, is what Goal setting theory is all about.

Think for a moment -:

Do you remember the dreams you had when you were younger? The dream of becoming something more than perhaps you are right now.

What happened to those dreams? Maybe they were squashed by your parents or teachers, and you were probably told not to be so silly.

Well now is the time to get some real useful goal setting help - some information that will make the goal setting theory seem so much easier than it previously has been.

And maybe that's the reason you haven't dared set any more goals, you fear you may look silly, or, worse, if you don't achieve them, you will have to tell everyone why you haven't achieved your goals.

Why not share some of those challenges and find some answers? You can do that right here.

Goal setting is related, in part, to fear. A fear of failure, a fear of not reaching what you set out to do.   Learning the reasons for your fears and the causes of why you fear things will help in the goal setting process.

Why learn about goal setting theory?

If you really want to attain your dreams and desires you must learn about common mistakes when goal setting, the barriers to goal setting and what it takes to have the effective goal setting skills in order to succeed in your dream.

  • Having a goal setting worksheet will speed up the goal setting theory process, as it will keep you completely focused on what you need to achieve every day and every month - you'll find them a real help.
  • Part of the goal setting theory is to put in place a good and reliable goal setting program that will really help you achieve what you want, in the timescale you are looking to achieve it in. 
  • If you have understood the goal setting theory, and set goals before but are sceptical, have faith and start this process again. Don't use the excuse that you have tried once and failed. That will get you nowhere. Use these games to encourage you to start goal setting once again.

Goal setting for kids and students

The benefits of goal setting for kids and goal setting for students is so important to help them become positive in their outlook. Life today is tricky for kids and students, so why not help them by showing them they can achieve things they desire, rather than seemingly putting them down as so often happens in the media. There are opportunities out there, having the right attitude will greatly help.

Who has effective goal setting skills

Those people who you perceive as successful succeed because they know how to set smart goals and have a burning desire to reach their goal.  And what sets them apart from you is their focus and desire.  They have used a well known tried and tested goal setting activity that works. It focuses your mind, have a go!

Wishing for something is one thing, having a strong desire for something is a different matter entirely. That's where the goal setting theory comes into practise.

What is your real burning desire?

The whole goal setting process starts with a desire for something. Do you really know what you want. Not just what you wish, but what you REALLY want and desire. That is the essence of goal setting, and until you have that true burning desire, you'll find achieving goal setting difficult.   If you don't have a burning desire for something you want to change, you'll come unstuck at the first hurdle.

Right at this moment in time, you don't need to know how you are going to achieve it, or how to set the goals and what you have to do, but just sit and think for a moment, instead of carrying on and reading. What is it that you really desire?. Maybe it's more than one thing, but don't make the easy excuse of saying you don't have any desires. All of us do, you just need to find what it is that will get you off your backside and motivate you.

It's time to learn why goal setting is so important and why successful people set goals.

In your goal setting lesson plan, you'll come to understand what is is you need to do to start the ball rolling.

Then, having set out your goals, you need to actually put these into action, and use them to your advantage. Why waste time on setting out what you want to achieve, and then not doing anything with them. Take the first steps now by following the goal setting process and working out what you want to gain from this information.

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