Why do you need a goal setting worksheet?

You may need to consider using a goal setting worksheet if you suffer from any of these problems below, because it will help you keep organised, and more importantly, will keep you focused.

  • Are you totally disorganised with your goals?
  • Are you completely lost as to which goals you're aiming for?
  • Do you have a list of goals and don’t know where to start?
  • Are all your goals in your head and you think you know what you want?

Effective goal setting comes about by being focused and motivated.

Worksheets are the basis of planning in any job, and without them you are quite ruderless.  Goal setting plans need thought and imagination, so with the help of a goal setting worksheet, you will now be able to set out your long term goals on paper, look at them, think about them and break them down into smaller range goals.  This is what a goal setting worksheet will do for you.

What do I put on my goal setting worksheet?

Here is an example of a very effective simple goal setting worksheet which will start your goal setting process off. You may want to draw all over it and develop your goals as you put them down on paper – as I’ll explain in a minute.

Print this out and put it to the side for the moment.

NOW, before you start filling it in, I highly recommend that you start some brainstorming and get together all the ways your going to achieve your goals.

Ideas are what you need – and lots of them – because eventually you’re going to break them all down into long, medium and short term goals.

So, before you start on your worksheet, I want you to draw out a mind map, because this is going to get your focus. You know what I mean by mind maps – a big circle in the middle, then lots of circles going from it which all relate, in some way or another, to the main circle. See the diagram below.

By doing this task first, you’ll find you have a much clearer picture in your mind of how to achieve your goal.

With the mind map, start in the middle with your end result, and work outwards. Work out what you need to do to achieve that goal.

Here’s an example (and probably not a very good one as I’m not an author and I have NO IDEA how you go about writing a book! What I do know though is that without setting goals you not achieve what you set out to do. – Your goal might be to write a book, so your mind map will show how many pages you need to write each month, and then how many a day, how much time each page will take and so on – as you’re working out towards the edge of the paper – and this then gives you a basis on which to start your goal setting worksheet.

When you’ve completed the brainstorming and you’ve worked out all the possible ways in which you can achieve your end result, you are now ready to put a the information in a clear set out goal setting worksheet.

A worksheet is more than a goal setting template.

Goal setting templates help you work out your obstacles and timescales in an overall way. This should be in full view of you to see every day – it’s more of a dialogue between yourself and your mind - giving you reasons for your actions.

Goal setting worksheets are the nitty gritty of setting goals – they are an effective goal setting method proven to work by all the experts in this field of self improvement.

Instead of having loads of paper around the place, you now have two focused sheets, one a template, one a worksheet to work from.

Now can I put something on my worksheet?

YES! On the worksheet I use the example of an author and writing a book, but please accept that these examples are totally imaginary.

  • Take your mind map and fill in the gaps -only you can do this as you know your timescales, and also what is involved to reach these goals.

If you have any issues with this and goal setting, go on over to here and ask a question and we’ll answer it for you.

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