How to break bad habits

How to break bad habits involves change; change in your beliefs and change in the routine habits you have established over the years.

Habits are routine actions that you have built up over time and eventually just become so natural you probably don’t even realise you are doing them.

Learning how to break bad habits can alter your whole mindset, enabling you to gain self confidence and self esteem that you otherwise thought was lost for good.

How to break bad habits

Breaking bad habits will mean changing your beliefs, as mentioned earlier. But why are people so unresponsive to change? The reason may be that most people have tried to change their routine habits so many times and failed that they now feel it is impossible to break the habit.

Bad habits creep up on you without realising. They are very easy to acquire, often quite enjoyable, but not so easy to get rid of!

Changing bad habits can’t just be done with willpower alone. This works fine for a while, but as time goes on, the willpower decreases and you end up believing that you have a hard habit to break. You will also need to think about changing set habits that have been embedded in your mind for a long time. 

One tried and tested way to break bad habits is by hypnosis.  In the peace and relaxation of your own home, you can now get rid of the "gremlins" that are your bad habits.

An example of how you can change habits

When someone dies you feel sad. This is a natural process. But why do you feel sad for so long? The reason is a simple one, and one that will illustrate why it is possible for routine habits to be broken and changed.

- The reason you feel sad is because of the set of beliefs you have been brought up with. Grieving is associated with pain, and all the beliefs you have are either associated with pain or pleasure and until you change that association, you won’t change your belief, which means you won’t change; you’ll find your habit is a hard habit to break. Of course you need to grieve, but it really isn’t necessary to grieve for too long. Different cultures grieve in different ways and many celebrate a death. So in simple terms, the set of beliefs you have about anything can be changed. Which also means habits can be changed.

The most common bad habits are things such as:
  1. smoking
  2. eating too much,
  3. drinking
  4. gambling.

As I mentioned earlier, many of these creep up on us all without realising it and before long we are hooked on one or the other. These are hard habits to break, and learning how to break bad habits, such as quitting smoking, may require professional help, or it may be that you are able to control them yourself.

Quit smoking

On the other side of the coin you have the habits of successful people. These successful people ask questions to find a solution, being proactive without being asked, and they don’t procrastinate.

The same goes for successful managers. Learning habits that you can use whilst working as a manager is vital for leading a good team.

All these habits are characterised by one thing, and that is their inner beliefs. Learning how to break bad habits is part of your self improvement development plan – Gaining self confidence because of a positive belief in yourself and having learnt how to break bad habits, is what will motivate you to a successful and fulfilled life.

Bad habits fill a need, and having bad work habits can also result in lack of discipline at work which in turn will lead to disillusionment and an unhappy workplace.

Many of you have some very strange habits which, quite frankly leave a lot to be desired! Why not share some of those with us now. It may be that some are what many might call OCD.

What you need to do to break your habits

1.The first belief that you must have is that YOU MUST CHANGE, and that you will change quickly; that you can create that change necessary to break your routine habit that you don’t want.

We have focussed mostly on changing bad habits, but that needn’t be the case. It may be that you want to create a NEW habit. That’s great, and is achieved the same way as breaking habits that you no longer want.

It may also be that you want to stop procrastinating and realise it's time to get The Now Habit. Procrastination holds you back from doing so many things, and learning how to break your habits, such as procrastination, can really change your views about what you can and can't do.

2. Once you have decided that you must change, the second important step is to believe YOU WILL CHANGE. It comes back to goal setting and setting out the goal you want, and realising that something has to change to reach those goals – usually it is your belief in yourself, encompassing self improvement as a whole.

3. Keep in front of you at all times affirmations and quotes. These keep you on track and will help remind you how to break bad habits. Having habit quotes around the place make you realise that you are not alone in your thinking. Others have bad habits that need changing too.

As I have said many many times – it’s up to you to decide you want to change. You decide – it’s your life, but in the process of self improvement, you develop an attitude that will lead you to the success you deserve.

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