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Jun 05, 2012
How to stop feeling worthless
by: Suzie, YSIG

Paul, it’s time to discover your hidden potential. If you accept that you are quite large, which I suspect you do as you’ve mentioned it here, then you need to make others accept that you are large too (that is, if you are happy with the size you are). You don’t need to feel that you should come round to their way of thinking. You have to remember that you are unique and there is only one you.

There are a couple of things you can do to build confidence and gain self esteem.

First, it’s important for you to find your hidden potential – and by that I mean find something you are good at. I’m sure there’s something you are good at and that you are proud you can do. Once you’ve established that, then you must start telling yourself with positive affirmations that this is your strength.

Second, you are not worthless or useless, and you have to have a strong belief that this is the case. Maybe over the years you have been told by others that you can’t do things, that you are no good at certain things. This belief manifests in your mind and gradually you start to believe it.

You have to change your thinking and begin to think positively. This is a start, but you will also want to work on other aspects of your self improvement to gain more confidence and get back to how you used to be.
Good luck

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