Improve self image -
Why it is so important

Why is it so important to improve self image? The answer to this is fairly simple. If you have a low self image of yourself then it stands to reason that your confidence will be pretty low.

In general we are all the same, we all like to get along with others, enjoy other’s company and work along side other people. People with a high self image are fun to be with, usually outgoing and also very willing to listen to others’ idea/issues or problems. They don’t mind being criticised and they tend to take things in their stride.

Is this you? Do you see yourself as this type of person? If not, this is precisely why you need to learn about how to improve self image.

Why do so many people have a poor self image?

More than likely the answer to that question is: the world we live in today. We live in a very negative environment. You only have to watch the news to understand this. I would say 90% of the news is negative. Someone has been killed, lots of people have been killed, someone has gone to prison, and so it goes on. Soap operas are also real culprits for this negative environment, almost making it the norm to take drugs, become pregnant at 12 and anything else you would care to consider negative. And you wonder why so many have a poor self esteem.

I would say it was fairly obvious.

It’s important, with all this negativity surrounding you, that you take control of yourself and your life (just like the peacock), you learn to improve your self image and respect yourself, rather than going the way of the large majority of people who never take steps needed to build self confidence and make a success of themselves.

Another very common reason for a low self image is that anything you might have achieved in your life time may have been criticised, ridiculed or even been put down by those closest to you, your parents, teachers or friends.

To the person with low self esteem, anything can seem trivial, be it a remark or even a condescending look. Gradually over time, these actions embed themselves in your mind and you begin to believe them, just as, for example, the teachers/parents or friends did.

If we turn this theory on its head, it may be that the people who have put you down are actually the ones with the issue, and not you. But unfortunately what it has done to you is destroy your self confidence. Therefore, learning how to improve self image can and will help you to build your self confidence.

How to improve self image

Tip #1 on how to improve self image

You need to feed your ego. Yes, I know, that may sound strange and even alien to you, but we all have egos, and when this is crushed, so is our confidence.

You don’t need to be egotistical or arrogant, but you do need to realise that you are special and that you are great, and that there is only one of you, you are unique.

Not many people will tell you how great you are, so sometimes you just need to tell yourself! Work out what you are good at, and where your strengths lie. The more you succeed, whether it’s doing a piece of work, or playing some sport, or even cooking something new, the more you will realise that you can achieve. And once you realise you can achieve, then your self confidence naturally improves and you'll find that you naturally improve self image. The key is to respect yourself, and don’t let others put you down.

Tip #2 on how to improve self image

Look at yourself on the outside, your clothes, your posture and your face. How you look on the outside will have a huge bearing on how you feel and see yourself on the inside, and it will effect how you act and behave.

By dressing according to what you are doing, you can definitely improve self image. If you look smart, you act smart, and you’ll have a positive self image. It is reported by employers that employees perform much better when dressed smartly.

Tip #3 on how to improve self image

Giving. Strange though that may sound, the more you give the more you improve self image. Think about it, how good do you feel when you give a sincere compliment? People crave knowledge, praise, compliments and personal wealth. Give these away and you’ll find a transformation in your confidence. However, don’t expect a compliment back!

Tip #4 on how to improve self image

Manners. What?! Believe it or not, common courtesy and politeness help hugely in improving your self image, it gives you a measure of self worth, and by being polite you are showing others that they are important. They then respond to you with respect.

All of the above encompasses your whole attitude to self improvement. If you can learn to build all of these into your everyday life then your mind-set becomes such that you can see yourself in a more positive light, and confidence grows.

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