Eliminate negative body language

You do not want to have negative body language.


Because good positive body language is a powerful indication of the state of mind we are in. Everything that we feel is the result of how we use our bodies, and hence the importance of good body language.

Just think for a moment, if someone smiles, do you smile back? I bet you do. Try it today if you are at work. Smile when talking to someone and see what reaction you get.

I'll probably refer back to this one again because smiling is infectious. If you smile, you feel good about yourself. I've always been told that it take more muscles to frown than it does to smile, so it makes sense to SMILE!

What positive and negative body languages do I have?

Body language incorporates the way you stand, your facial expressions, your hand movements, your breathing and so on. All of these are signs of how confident you are And once you learn how to use these to your advantage, your attitude can change at the switch of a button.

Did you know that you have 80 muscles in your face? That is a massive amount! What are you going to do with them? Why not condition your body to use them to smile, which in turn improves your state of mind.

You have many emotions that you outwardly show, and you can experience these just by changing to a positive body language.

Here are some emotions which you will find very familiar:

  • Miserable
  • Happy
  • Frustrated
  • Excited
  • Insecure
  • Stressed out

I'm sure that at one time or another you have felt any one of these emotions. There are many many more you could think of if you took a few moments to write them down:

  • Desire
  • Sensuality
  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
    and so on.

How can I change from negative body language to positive body language quickly?

In order to change to having a good body language, you need to USE your body.

Imagine you are feeling down, your negative body language is probably shoulders hunched, miserable looking face, you are in a negative thinking frame of mind. So now, you need to SIT UP STRAIGHT, MAKE YOURSELF SMILE, UNCROSS YOUR ARMS, THINK SOMETHING POSITIVE, and you can change your attitude in an instant. If you don't believe me, I strongly suggest you try. See if it works, I BET you have a change of attitude!

We only feel how we feel because we have conditioned ourselves to feel like that.

Now obviously you are going to feel down if you have had a tragedy, or something like that, but again, although it takes strength, you can think of the positives rather than the negatives, sit up again, smile and change.

If you constantly use your body in weak ways (as described above), you will feel down. If you walk around as if you are tired, I'm sorry, but you will feel tired. As Anthony Robbins said YOUR BODY LEADS YOUR EMOTIONS.

Just try some of these things the next time you are feeling tired/depressed/down/unexcitable. Take deep breaths. Take a deep breath now, at the same time as smiling and sitting up and thinking about what you are going to achieve - see if you don't feel better.

So you see, you don't need to have negative body language at all. It can be changed in an instant if you are willing to do something about it and decide that you want to move on, achieve great things and have confidence.

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