Overcoming fear -
Learn to take action

'Overcoming fear is easily achievable' - think about this sentence for a moment.

We are all the same, everyone of us. We are all born as one, but overtime, as we grow up, it's our environment that changes how we view ourselves and those around us.

If truth be known, we all fear something at one time or another, but how we react to it is the difference between SUCCESS OR FAILURE.

How do we conquer fear?

Facing fear or overcoming fear is what will give you that self confidence you need to maybe change your job, or make a speech, or ask a question at a board meeting.

Fear = lack of confidence = low self esteem = no respect = unhappy life.

Fear explains why millions of people don't accomplish much in their life or achieve very little. DON'T LET THAT PERSON BE YOU.

As I said in how to build self confidence, we are not born with confidence, it is acquired and developed, which means you can acquire it

Fear is, for the most part, in our imagination, which is why we have the ability to change. What causes fear? It has usually come from some past experience - you may have failed in something and therefore have a fear of failure from doing something in particular.

For example, have you ever rung 10 customers in a row and feared ringing the next one? Overcoming fear means practising lots of positive self talk and positive thinking and getting into the habit of goal setting and taking action, rather than procrastinating.

Action cures Fear

Next time you are fearful of something, just stop for a moment and ask yourself "What can I do to conquer this fear" - it may be making that next call.

You need to work out, right now, what you fear and why it is stopping you from taking the necessary action to succeed or improve. Maybe you have public speaking fears.

Whatever it is, once you have isolated that fear, then you can work out exactly what you are scared of and take action to conquer that fear.

One of the most common fears is public speaking which is a very big issue for a lot of people, and understandbly so. There are ways that you can conquer this fear which I cover in more detail in public speaking fears, as well as what causes fear and the most common fears.

Overcoming fear is easily achieveable if you just take some time to sit down now, and write out what it is you fear. From there, pinpoint it exactly and take the necessary action.

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