The real secret to your personal growth development

It’s a well known fact that the subject of personal growth development covers topics ranging from self esteem, goal setting, positive mental attitude, fear, habit and beliefs. We all know that.

What is sometimes forgotten, however, is that it takes hard work and perseverance to change your self, and the real secret to personal growth development is YOU, to delve deeper and discover what is holding you back in your life, or why you feel like you do.

  • It’s about you wanting to change
  • It’s about you knowing that you can change
  • It’s about you knowing that you are going to have to work at this
  • It’s about you realising that there is room for progress
  • It’s about you believing in yourself

The above bullet points need careful consideration if you are going to read further. Without the determination and desire to change and grow, you can fall into the category of so many others who just say “personal growth development is for others to work at, but not me”.

If, on the other hand, you are open minded enough to take the road of building self esteem and confidence, then I applaud you.

Where do I start with personal growth development

As mentioned above, it starts with you and understanding you as a person.

You know yourself better than anyone else. You know your desires, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and also what you say to yourself. What do you tell your subconscious? No one else knows this apart from you, so it’s up to you grab some of the information on self improvement from this site, and others, and start the process.

There is so much knowledge around, take the time to find out exactly what it is you are looking for.

Out of all the topics covered under the personal growth development umbrella, not all will be relevant to you, not everything will relate to you, so you need to discover what issues or problems you have and work out which heading you need to focus on to begin with.

  • Do you need to look at the personal growth development umbrella, not all will be relevant to you, not everything will relate to you, so you need to discover what issues or problems you have and work out which heading you need to focus on to begin with.
  • Do you need to look at the self esteem topic, or
  • maybe you need to have some clarity in your life with goal setting.
  • Are you held back by fears? A fear of doing things which stops you from moving forward, or
  • maybe you have no belief in yourself at all.

These are all things which hinder your peronsal growth development.

Obstacles get in the way of our well planned life, and it’s important to realise this as we approach each day. You need to be prepared to alter course and possibly change direction, but as long as you are aware this happens, then when you do come across something that wasn’t supposed to happen, your positive attitude takes over and you steer a different course.

Many people forget this and end up quitting, blaming anything under the sun for why they couldn’t complete their journey. Don’t be one of these people, focus on your end result but know that deviations will occur during your travels.

The world is full of negativity, it tends to draw us all in, as well as draw us all down. Newspapers and magazines and television continue to produce negative news. Very rarely do we hear good news. It’s no wonder many people are so negative. Something that you should consider, if you are serious about your self improvement, is to get rid of negativity around you. Don’t read the newspapers, or watch negative programs on TV (soaps are particularly bad at this!). Yes, I agree, you can’t shut out what’s going on in the world, but you can reduce the time you are subjected to it.

Take a decision on how you are going to become more positive. It’s a challenge to seek out problems you have, as all they are only options in disguise.

Start to take charge of your life, start to organise yourself properly. If you are totally disorganised, then goal setting really does help. You need to start off with little steps, just as when you learnt to walk. Gradually those little steps get bigger and bigger. However, if you never start the goal setting process, then you can’t possibly hope to achieve much. Goals don’t just have to be for corporate businesses, they relate to all walks of life.

Goal setting is something that is never taught in schools, which I think is a real shame, as I’m sure that many of us would have benefited hugely from some goal setting experience early in life. It maybe that goal setting is the one real secret you need to draw yourself out of your current situation.

As you go through your personal growth development process, focus on the things you can do, and not of those you can’t. It’s important to remember this, as excuses can become a way of life. Realise also, that there is room for improvement. Never be so self assured that you can’t learn more. No one is perfect, and it’s a humble person that listens and learns.

Start today by improving the quality of your life with learning more about personal growth development. Learn to start to help yourself. I hope what I’ve shown you here is that YOU really are the real secret to your personal growth development.

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