Simple Self Confidence Tips

It's easy to look through books, websites, blogs and so on to find numerous self confidence tips, but how many do you really use? Do you just read and think - yeah, great, I'll do it", but never get round to it and then forget what they were?

I want you to be able to easily get hold of the few tips I have put here and actually USE them.

Build confidence and move forward.

As I said before, your self improvement plan including self confidence tips, MUST start with yourself.

Only you can build your confidence, improve your attitude and unlock your hidden potential. No one else is interested in what you want to achieve. In fact, they may even laugh. Hey, don't fret, take one of the tips below and you'll see how you can turn that negative thought into a positive. Use these tips as you go about your daily activities.

Self confidence tip No #1

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. It is vitally important to start the ball rolling with this self confidence tip. Believe in everything you do. Think "I will succeed, I will do it, I can easily achieve that", NOT "it may happen, it might work".

You must have a belief in your convictions in order for your confidence to grow.

How do you go about believing in yourself? Quite easily, but it will need a change in attitude. In case you’re wondering what “belief” actually means, why not read up on the definition of belief here. Find out if you have wishful thinking, or an actual deep set belief.

The tip here is to always try and speak and think positively about your beliefs. Now I know that isn’t always possible, but if you put this into practice every day, your mindset will slowly change. And by the simple process of changing your mindset to a more positive one, so you confidence will grow, which ultimately is what you are trying to achieve.

Always speak in the positive. If you don’t believe this is a great self confidence tip then I urge you to listen to those around you and see how much negativity is spouted from the lips of those very people you are constantly around.

You don’t need to be over the top with positivity, otherwise it becomes too false, but believing in yourself (tip #1) comes about by being positive about yourself.

Self confidence tip No #2

ACT AS IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT. It's amazing how this tip can change your way of thinking. You are going to have to work at these tips and techniques, but it does work. You are just going to have to get out of your comfort zone here and work on these self confidence techniques.

The more you put your hand out first, the easier it becomes. I urge you to try it. Negative body language will hold you back.

Successful people don’t have negative body language, they have other successful habits that, over time you can achieve too. Improve your self confidence by ACTING as if you are confident. Your subconscious mind soon starts to believe it. I promise you this works and is NOT gobledigook!

Self confidence tip No #3

SMILE. I couldn't help but put this picture in, it's brilliant, don't you just love it? More importantly, did you smile today?

This is the simplest tip of all and is by far the easiest, but how often do you do it? Just try and smile at someone during your day and see what reaction you get, you'll be surprised! Oh, and also, it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile!

It will also improve your self confidence.

I have made these self confidence tips easily achievable and ones you can use everyday. Just try and remember to use these tips every day so that they become second nature to you.

One final word on how to build self confidence -

START NOW, AND TAKE ACTION and change your life.

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