Self Esteem Activities -
Boost your confidence

Simple everyday self esteem activities can really boost your confidence. Treated seriously, they can help you change your way of thinking and definitely improve your self esteem.

If you have any low self esteem signs then using some of these endeavours will help you towards a positive way of thinking, which in turn will build confidence and help towards your overall self improvement

5 Easy Self Esteem Activities

Self esteem activity No 1#

Identify your strenghts. The reason for this is that if you know what you are good at, then by building on these strengths you will ultimately gain confidence and therefore increase your self esteem. That is why you need to take some time to identify your strengths before going any further. If you neglect this stage, you won't know what you are good at and won't be able to build on that particular strength.

When identifying your strengths, don't think about what others think, just write down what you believe you are good at, as you are the only one who really knows. Some examples - are you generous, or considerate, are you kind, selfless or good with people.

You are on a journey to like yourself, give yourself self respect and thereby build your self esteem.

Self esteem activity No 2#

Write these strengths down. Why do you need to write them down? So that you are committed to them and so that your mind will focus on your strengths rather than you weaknesses. Low self esteem builds from your negative attitudes about yourself, so in order to improve self esteem you will need to recognise the things you are good at, and not focus on your negative core beliefs.

If you don't write them down you can just forget about them and therefore remain as you are. The whole purpose of this exercise is for you to improve you lifestyle by improving your self confidence, and that means you need to take action.

Get a plain postcard, or piece of card, and write down all your strengths so that you can then put it in front of you when you are sitting at your desk. These will be important positives that will help you improve your self esteem. You will come back to them again and again.

Activity No 3#

Find Positive Phrases. or quotes that inspire you, because there will be times when you need an uplifting positive quote to motivate you to continue your self improvement plan.

The next 2 are ongoing pursuits so will need a bit more time.

Self esteem activities No 4#

Find or do a hobby that you enjoy.


Because this not only puts you in a positive thinking frame of mind, but will also help build self esteem because you are doing an activity that you enjoy and are good at. In turn you will then start believing in yourself more.

Self esteem activity No 5#

Read a positive mental attitude book. There are masses of excellent books you can get hold of, devour and lap up the information they give. All with one aim of helping you improve self confidence and build self esteem. Read a bit a day, or listen to a CD, it really does help you to gradually improve your way of thinking.

There are numerous other self esteem activities that you can participate in, but I have given you 5 manageable easy to do activities that will help you towards improving and building your self esteem and that, in turn, will improve your confidence.

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