Great Self Esteem Boosters

Every now and again you need self esteem boosters - something to give you a little extra that will just make you that bit more confident.

If you are unsure whether you have a low self esteem, find out what the signs are here. Boosting self esteem is easy to do, but needs to be worked at. It's not going to happen overnight.

If you have low self esteem, it is highly likely you have had it from an early age. Maybe you grew up in a negative environment, your parents always putting you down in front of people, and so on. And children who grow up in a negative environment often end up becoming critical adults with very low self esteem. They want to retreat and avoid any confrontation. This type of person needs the help of these esteem boosters.

On the other hand, those who are happiest are those who love themselves, and a healthy self esteem is one of the seeds of success.

What self esteem boosters can I use in increase my confidence?

Self esteem booster No 1#

Self acceptance. You need to take some time and think about this. You should accept yourself as a worthwhile person. Don't put yourself down by saying "I'm not as good as so and so". You are. We all are. We are all individual and it's that individuality that makes us who we are. So it's time to stop putting yourself down. You were born with the same right as everyone else, so learn to accept yourself for who you are, and begin the process of building self esteem.

Self esteem boosters No 2#

What are you good at? And don't say "nothing"! There will be something you can do well, whether it be cooking/singing/mending cars/looking after animals? Anything. But there will be something you are good at, that you can do well and that you need to tell yourself every day that you are good at.

Although this may sound strange, these boosters will improve your confidence. I try in my pages to not give long winded information, as I know from experience that you read internet pages and then just go to another page. What I want you to do is take this information and USE IT.

Overcoming low self esteem has a few, but manageable ideas, of how to change your thinking and increase self esteem. Low self esteem signs start little and seem to grow, so by changing the way you talk, you can increase your self esteem.

Self esteem booster No 3#

Smile. I know you have probably heard it before, and just glossed over it. But it helps HUGELY. Just try it now - smile at someone and see what a difference it makes in your attitude and frame of mind. I'll bet you feel better for it.

Self esteem boosters No 4#

Introduce yourself first. This, and smiling at the same time, REALLY help as self esteem boosters. You'll find your confidence grows because you have taken the initiative and not waited. Have you ever noticed that those who shake hands first always seem to be the more confident. It gives you a feeling of "I'm worthwhile, this is who I am". So next time you are at a party or meeting, make a conscious effort to shake hands first.

Self esteem booster No 5#

Invest in yourself. Take some time for yourself. Enrol in a course that will improve your knowledge on some topic you have an interest in. That will boost your confidence a great deal. Or maybe you want to work out, go to the gym. Investing time in yourself gives you greater self worth. And self worth is what self esteem is all about.

Boosting self esteem does require you to take some action. But you can do it and you can improve your confidence by taking these small but easy and manageable steps. Go and try and them now and see the results!

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