Self Esteem Exercises -
How to liven up your mind

Self esteem exercises - Oh no, I hear you say - I'm no good at keeping a routine going, I can't do exercises, it's too boring.

The exercises I give you below may sound trivial or unrelated to building self esteem, but what you need to understand is that in order to change your way of thinking, you need to take time out to alter your routine.

The exercises are designed to clear your mind and give you time to re-evaluate your thinking. Part of low self esteem comes from negative thinking, and therefore positive self talk is vital for your self improvement plan and in order to gain confidence and build self esteem you need to become more positive about yourself.

Why do I need to do exercises to build self esteem and confidence?

More often than not your brain needs to release what is known as endorphines. These are released during exercise and ultimately give you a feeling of well being. You just naturally feel better about yourself.

Although a lot of us don't like taking exercise, it is proved that by doing some form of exercise, we do feel better about ourselves - try it, it really does work. And if you are serious about overcoming low self esteem then I would highly recommend you put aside some time in your day to do one or two of these self esteem exercises.

What simple activities can I do to improve my mood?

1. Walk your dog
Now I know that sounds basic, and indeed might not even relate to you if you don't have a dog (in which case jump to No 2), but walking the dog is a) great exercise and b) clears the mind.

How many times do you get bogged down with everyday life and find that you need to clear your head? Taking your lovely dog for a walk gives huge pleasure to your pet, but also makes you feel so much better. It's a simple activity, costs nothing and at the same time will get the endorphines working, making you feel so much better about yourself.

2. Up and down the stairs

This can be done at home, or in the office. If you have stairs in your office building, and a lift, why not walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift. If you are at home, run up and down the stairs, but do be careful! Don't forget, that the reason for doing these simple self esteem exercises is to get your endorphines moving. We are trying to create an excitement within you and a way of battling low self esteem.

3. Find a friend and go power walking.

Self esteem exercises don't have to be about you doing these things by yourself, involve a friend. You don't need to tell your friend that you are doing this to build your self esteem, you just say you want to take some exercise.

You're getting 2 for 1 here, seeing a friend and taking exercise!

4. Bike

Biking to work instead of driving (if possible of course), or maybe you could walk to work instead of driving.

With all these walking/biking exercises, instead of dawdling along, make a conscious effort to walk faster than normal, or bike faster than normal, and feel your heart beat faster.

If you like taking exercise and going to the gym, that's great, but most of us don't!! What I'm trying to do here is give you some easy exercises you can just incorporate into your everyday life. And all these self esteem exercises are important in your journey to self improvement.

Learn to de-clutter your mind by finding 10-30 minutes a day to take some form of exercise in order for you to build self esteem.

For other more passive activities, you can find more here on self esteem activities.

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