Self Esteem Games

Understanding that self esteem games can help improve kids and teenage self esteem is vitally important and is a great way of assuring they gain the confidence needed to help them in life.

Low self esteem can be debilitating, especially in children and teenagers, as they have yet to understand why they feel as they do. It can also hold you back as an adult, but because adults are generally more aware of their surroundings and behaviour, it’s easier to help them.

By using these games you can begin the process of showing children how to be themselves, and that entails emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually, all part of building high self esteem This is where self esteem games help with learning to overcome this issue.

Kids need to understand their self worth, which is what self esteem is all about.

My Self Esteem Games Book recommendations


This book is brilliant for helping children develop this important aspect of building confidence – it has a whole host of games that you can use.

It’s written for parents and aimed at 3-12 year olds so no denying that it will benefit you as an adult as it includes tips for better parenting! It’s also absolutely fantastic for teachers who need to find quick and easy ways to administer some fun games and keep the attention of their students.

These joyful activities will help children learn how to make friends, express feelings, trust others, accept themselves, use their imaginations, and much more.

Why not take it from the expert, BARBARA SHER, MA, OTR who has 30 years experience as a teacher and occupational therapist, and regularly holds self esteem workshops. It’s great for home or out and about as you need no special preparation or equipment.

By sharing the enthusiastic and thoughtful activities in this book, you can reinforce your child's positive feelings and provide a lasting foundation for learning.

The list price of this book is $16.95/£11.50. Discounted from Amazon, click here

101 SELF ESTEEM GAMES by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet

Both these authors demonstrate in this book that playing games is one of the best ways of learning the values necessary for building self esteem in children.

It’s very easy to flip through for lots of ideas and games. It’s full of tried and tested old favourites together with modern games which are designed to enhance and promote children's self-esteem.

It’s written particularly for teachers and many of the games can be used for groups and individuals. Let the children have fun and work at friendships with some of the many games included in this book.

The great thing about these games is that they can be fun and enjoyable and also engaging, and children find it much more fun to learn whilst playing, rather than being talked at. Use them as warm ups in PE, or in a circle or even in the playground, but there are also cut outs that you can play as individuals – Guess What I Am, and In The Driving Seat – all great fun. Dip in as and when you need.

No more running out of inspiration with this book at hand. The other great thing about this book is that you don’t need any extra resources that you haven’t already got.

The list price of this book is $10.95/£15.99. Discounted from Amazon, click here

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