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Self esteem worksheets help you in the process of working out how to improve and build your self esteem. There are many free worksheets on the internet so it isn’t really necessary to spend any money on them. The only issue I have with readily available self esteem worksheets is that they don’t focus on your actual emotional feelings when you are faced with a situation where you feel your self esteem is taking a battering.

It’s very easy to sit down and ponder the reasons for not having a high self esteem, and to think about your strengths and weaknesses (which I hope you have already done anyway), but it’s quite another to be in an actual situation where you go cold and wonder if the same thing will happen next time. If this happens regularly, you most probably need to find out more about anxiety attack disorder.

How do you conquer these fears time and time again? Or do you just accept that you are someone with low self esteem? The answer to the latter question should be a resounding NO.

How can self esteem worksheets help me?

In most areas of your life you write things down so you can relate back to what you need to do and why. A perfect example of this would be a shopping list, I’m sure you write a list to go shopping, so why not take that practise and look at some of the many examples of self esteem worksheets as your shopping list (there are lots more at, but don’t get distracted – I have one simple one below which you can download for free!).

Things not written down are easily forgotten, and whilst working on improving your self esteem, you will need to refer back to this worksheet in order for you to be able to work on the underlying and immediate problems you face. And these worksheets don’t need to end up in a draw either!

Melanie Farrels book on Overcoming Low Self Esteem, has some excellent examples of self esteem worksheets which help you understand and look at in more detail exactly where these low self esteems signs are coming from, when they happen, and how you feel at that present time, and how you can work on improving them. She is an expert on self esteem, and I would highly recommend this book to you.

What are your self esteem priorities?

It’s very easy, with long term self improvement, to forget what your immediate priorities are, and this is why it’s important to have worksheets to remind you. Putting reminders of what you should be doing, or what you felt at a particular time at the back of your mind will not help your self improvement progress, and certainly won’t help you improve your self esteem or confidence.

Building self esteem will take some time, so if you are serious about wanting to change, self esteem worksheets (as well as goal setting worksheets ) will really help you.

How to use a self esteem worksheet

There are 2 processes to using these self esteem worksheets.

  • To get to the bottom of why you have low self esteem, take this worksheet and put it in your pocket. This is going to be your “bible” on why you have these anxious thoughts. Take it wherever you go and remember to constantly fill it in. You need to fill it in at the time (when you feel low self esteem) to really capture your feelings and thoughts about why you felt the way you did in a particular situation. Did you feel inferior to someone, did someone blank you, did someone appear much more confident than you because they shook your hand first?
  • Once you establish these thoughts, then you can begin to challenge these and be more positive. Do this over the course of a few weeks in order to build up a picture of how you react in different situations. Remember that this will be an ongoing process until you have broken through the barriers.

HOWEVER - one caveat to this process of filling in this self esteem worksheet – leave the last column blank until you have the time to work out why you felt as you did and how you are going to correct it. It’s more important in the beginning to get into the habit of filling the first columns out, as without these you won’t be in a position to complete the form in a proper way.

As with all low self esteem, you need to get to the bottom of why you have it, and that’s why it’s important to carry around this worksheet.

When you’ve come across enough situations and have filled in the sheet, then you can go to the next stage of filling out the final column of what you can do next time to stop the anxious feelings happening again, or even what you did do to stop them. To find out more about how your mind works in these situations, I would suggest you look again at how to build self esteem.

How you fill this form out is really dependent on how big or small your low self esteem problem is. It may be that you only occasionally have a problem, in which case you will be able to fill out the form quicker, and work on helping yourself to improve in a faster timeframe. If, on the other hand, you find that you do have serious challenges with self esteem, then you obviously need to take more time to work out why you feel as you do (as explained above).

Put aside some time and space and treat it with the respect it deserves. Every time you think you can’t be bothered with the effort, remind yourself why you want to increase self esteem

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