What strange habits do you have?

There are many wonderfully wierd and odd habits that people from all over the world have. Some will be the same, some will be extraordinary and some, quite frankly, will verge on the “obsessive compulsive disorder”.

Let's have some fun! Tell us your your strange habits so that we can add to them. I bet some will come back with even more peculiar habits than your own!

What can be more strange than actually eating your toenails instead of cutting them?
Or having a habit of twitching your face when you are about to speak
Or emailing your friend at work when they are 2 feet away
Or something as simple as talking to yourself (which incidentally I do a bit too much!)

Share your wierd and strange habits!

I'm sure you have some very wierd or strange habits that are worth a mention, and I'll guarantee others will come back with some even stranger habits.

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Strange Habits 
I can't get out of this strange habit, but everytime I brush my teeth I have to count to 120 before I can spit! I don't know why I do this, and it really …

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If your habits are so bad, I think you should seriously think that it might be time for a changing habit, one that will perhaps lead you in a positive direction!

Why not take the strange habits and concentrate on getting "the now habit" instead. Bookmark this page to come back and see what others get up to!

Although we are focusing on weird habits here and having a bit of fun, understand that any bad habits you might have were learned at some stage in your life, which, in simple terms, means they can be "unlearned". And I say "simple" because I don't want to go into depth here about terrible habits such as drugs. That's a different issue altogether.

Bad habits can hold you back in life, and as Zig Ziglar says "good habits are difficult to acquire, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to acquire, but difficult to live with"

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