Create "The Now Habit" -
Stop procrastinating

In order to make a success of your life, you need to create The NOW Habit. You need to learn to stop procrastinating and live every day as if it was your last.

What do you think the habits of successful people are? Yes, you’ve guessed it, they ACT rather than think about things for days/weeks or maybe months.

It’s time to take stock of your life, work out what’s important and learn to stop the procrastination.

What is The Now Habit?

The Now Habit is all about seizing the day, Carpe diem, as they say. If you’ve ever known anyone who tragically died too young, you’ll understand the importance of “seizing the day” and the saying “life’s too short”, because believe me, it is. You need to get a grip of what you feel is important in your life, and use that to motivate you into action.

A changing habit is a life enhancing experience. By changing habits that are bad, you’ll find that self confidence and self esteem grow. You will begin to feel good about yourself, and within yourself. There is no time like the present to alter your habit management; control what you do with your life and learn to move on.

We all have habits, some good, some bad, but quite honestly, the worst habit of all is procrastination. So with some good habit management, you can now learn to get change this habit.

How do I get The Now Habit?

Procrastination isn’t about not getting your work done, or going through your lists that you might have written down in order to feel more organised. Getting The Now Habit is all about learning to cope with your life and workload and taking action so you feel completely satisfied with what you have achieved. So here are a few “tips” for you to do something with!

1. Stop talking like a procrastinator. It’s extremely easy to talk yourself out of doing something, this is bad habit management and won’t get you anywhere. Make a conscious effort to change your thinking. More importantly, make a conscious effort to WANT to change your thinking, as without that strong desire to change, you’ll remain as you are. It comes back, yet again to affirmations, as well as goals, and beliefs. All this encompassing the huge topic of self improvement.

2. Start to take control of how you manage your time

Habit management again. Learn to keep a timesheet of how you spend your time. I know this may sound boring, but it doesn’t have to be for ever, just keep a record of what you actually do in the day, including coffee breaks, phone calls, reading newspapers etc. Just keep a record for a month. At the end of the month you may well realise just how much time you waste -  you’ll be amazed at what you do with your time.

3. Learn to focus on what needs to be done. We all procrastinate, but the difference between the habits of successful people and those that aren’t quite so successful is that the successful people focus on the important issues. Yes, it’s more difficult sometimes to start on a project that you don’t want to do, but set aside an hour, or two, to be totally focused, and then have a cup of coffee as your break time. Don’t get distracted within the one or two hours you’ve set aside to focus. This is how you will learn to change your habit. Getting The Now Habit means focussing.

If you can learn more on goal setting
and how to set goals, then setting out your plans for your daily life will help in you achieving exactly where you want to go in life, and will give you The Now Habit which will eradicate procrastination. Take these few tips above and do something with them!

Learn to stop being a procrastinator and put action into your day.

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