Why can't I keep to my weekly goals?

by Jim

I need some goal setting help, as per your page title and hope I'll find it here.

I've been trying to set a goal for running twice a week to lose a bit of weight. I have good intentions at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week I haven't kept any of the goals. I get distracted along the way. So I think I'm probably no good at goal setting which is why I need some goal setting help please. I've read a lot of pages on your site (which I think is excellent!) and think it might be because I haven't got a strong enough desire? Could this by why? Can you give me some advice for how I can set and keep my goal.

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Sep 27, 2011
Set out a goal setting plan
by: Administrator YSIG

Funnily enough I know the feeling. I ran a 5k race this year and had days when I just didn't want to run at all. I sat down and set out a goal setting plan with days I was going to run every week and the one thing that kept me going was the fact that people had donated money. I couldn't let them down.

Step one is to plan. Step 2 - perhaps you could try and find someone that you can run with, as that helps. Sharing goals with the right people is a good way to confirm to someone else that you have actually set goals. By telling "the right people" what you goals are, then you are confirming to yourself that you absolutely must keep these goals.

It's important though not to tell everyone. Not everyone will understand or share your goals, so be careful who you pick.

Good luck

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